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Think Sport 2023: female leaders & decision makers at the Maison du Handball in Créteil, 03/10/2023

News Tank Football - Paris - News #295472 - Published on 19/07/23 at 16:35
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©  D.R.

The seventh edition of Think Sport, an annual event organised by News Tank since 2017, will take place on Tuesday 03/10/2023 at the Maison du Handball in Créteil (south east of Paris, FRA).

After the 2022 edition, hosted at the Fédération Française de Football Activity: French national football federation Founded: 07/05/1919 • Revenue for the 2022-23 financial year: €281.9m (€274.2m in 2021-22) • Expenses 2022-23: €277.8m (€274.3 in 2021-22) … headquarters and devoted to the World Cup in Qatar and the latest developments in French football, News Tank is delighted to once again be bringing together a large number of players from the ecosystem for a day of reflection and meetings, during which the floor will be given to female sports leaders, decision-makers and entrepreneurs.

Governance, changes in broadcasting, the development of sport through inclusion, the growth of women's professional competitions and a renewal of the economic model for leagues and federations are just some of the topics that will be addressed by the speakers, starting with Marie-George Buffet Co-présidente @ Comité national pour renforcer l’éthique et la vie démocratique dans le sport • Présidente du comité exécutif @ Fondation Hand'Solidaire
, former French Minister for Sport, co-chair of the national committee to strengthen ethics and democratic life in sport and ambassador for Think Sport 2023.

One of the highlights of this Think Sport for women event will be the presentation of four trophies: the Inspirational Personality trophy, as well as three Next Gen trophies which will be awarded successively to a young female leader, a young female entrepreneur and for the successful professional transition of a former sportswoman.

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Maison du Handball - ©  Maison du Handball

Think Sport 2023: the programme

08:30 - Cafe Network

  • Reception: coffee, pastries and networking!

09:15 - Opening

  • Béatrice Barbusse Vice-présidente déléguée @ Fédération Française de Handball (FFHandball) • Enseignant-Chercheur en sociologie (maître de conférences hors classe) @ Université Paris-Est Créteil (UPEC)
    , delegate vice-president, French Handball Federation
  • Marie-George Buffet, Think Sport 23 ambassador
  • Florian Brejon, associate director, News Tank Sport
  • Aurélien Sadrin, associate director, News Tank Sport

09:45 - Sport governance

  • Béatrice Barbusse, deputy vice-president, French Handball Federation
  • Marie-George Buffet, ambassador of Think Sport 23
  • Isabelle Jouin Présidente @ Fédération Française de Hockey
    , president of the French Hockey Federation

10:30 - Inspiring journeys

  • Speakers to be announced

11:00 - Networking

  • Coffee break

11:30 - Sports broadcasting: adapting to constant change

  • Caroline Guenneteau Secrétaire générale @ beIN MEDIA GROUP • Juge @ Tribunal de Commerce - Nanterre
    , legal director, beIN Sports France Sector: pay-TV sports group (rebranding of Al-Jazira Sport on 01/01/2014) • beIN Sport's first channel launched in France in June 2012 Shareholding: beIN Media Group via beIN Europe… and head of anti-piracy, beIN Media Group Sector: pay-TV group Founded: January 2014 Chairman : Nasser Al-Khelaifi CEO: Yousef Al-Obaidly Channels: beIN Sports, beIN Movies Distribution: 43 countries Subscribers (globally): 55 million…
  • Upcoming speakers

12:15 - Developing sports practice through inclusion

  • Marie-Amélie Le Fur Représentante du mouvement sportif @ Conseil économique, social et environnemental (Cese) • Membre du conseil d'administration @ Paris 2024 - Comité d’organisation des Jeux olympiques et… , president of the French Paralympic and Sports Committee Sector: French Paralympic and Sports CommitteeFounded: 1992 (sous l'appellation de “Comité Français de Liaison pour les Activités Physiques et Sportives des Personnes Handicapées“ -COFLAPSH-, qui…
  • Marie Barsacq Directrice exécutive impact et héritage @ Paris 2024 - Comité d’organisation des Jeux olympiques et paralympiques
    , executive director, impact and legacy, Paris 2024 Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games Organising Committee.

12:45 - Think Sport trophies 2023

13:15 - Cocktails

  • A welcome break after a content-heavy morning! The opportunity to update your network, to exchange with friends and make new acquaintances.

14:15 - a review of trends

  • Speakers to be announced

14:45 - Women's professional competitions

15:15 - CSR Corporate social responsibility

  • Lucie Venet Directrice exécutive d'OM Fondation @ Olympique de Marseille (OM)
    , director of the OM Foundation

15:45 - International trends

  • Claude Revel, president of the economic interest group France Sport Expertise
  • Speakers to be announced

16:15 - How can the economic model of leagues and federations be renewed?

  • Caroline Flaissier Directrice générale @ Fédération Française de Tennis (FFT)
    , CEO of the French Tennis Federation Sector: French Tennis, Beach Tennis and Padel FederationFounded: 1920 (French Lawn Tennis Federation); 1976 (FFT)President: Gilles Moretton, elected on 13/02/2021, succeeding Bernard…

17:00 - Closing

Additional speakers will be announced soon!

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