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LFP: "beIN Sports and Canal+ will broadcast the play-offs (23 to 28/05/2017)" (Didier Quillot)

News Tank Football - Paris - News #84627 - Published on 11/01/17 at 18:30
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©  Seb Lascoux
Didier Quillot at Think Football 2017 - ©  Seb Lascoux

"The groups beIN Sports and Canal+ will broadcast the promotion-relegation play-offs between Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 and between Ligue 2 and the National (French third division), under conditions to be determined," announced Didier Quillot CEO @ Didier Quillot Conseil
, the CEO of the LFP, during the Think Football! 2017 event hosted by News Tank Football at the l'Université Paris-Dauphine, on 10/01/2017.

Is the week of promotion-relegation play-offs considered part of the championships, of which the rights have already been sold? Or is this a new product that is subject to a new tender? This issue was not resolved when Didier Quillot said: "We will have a discussion with broadcasters about these new play-off games. And we will start with our existing broadcasters of the championships (beIN Sports and Canal+)," on 14/06/2016.

The calendar for the first edition of the promotion-relegation play-offs in France

  • The third-place National team will host the 18th place Ligue 2 team on Tuesday, 23/05/2017.
  • The thrid-place Ligue 2 team will host the 18th place Ligue 1 team on Thursday, 25/05/2017.
  • Both return legs should be played on Sunday, 28/05/2017.

"There will be no match on 24 May, because that is the final of the Europa League, and also no match on Saturday, 27/06/2017, because that is the final of the Coupe de France," had stated Didier Quillot, on 14/06/2017.

Ligue de Football Professionnel (LFP)

• President: Vincent Labrune (elected on 10/09/2020 for the 2020-2024 period)

• CEO: Arnaud Rouger (appointed on 17/09/2020)

• Deputy CEO: Mathieu Ficot (appointed on 17/09/2020)

• Deputy CEO: Sébastien Cazali (appointed on 12/10/2021)

Board of the LFP (2020-2024)

Collège de Ligue 1 (8 members):
• Nasser al-Khelaïfi (Paris Saint-Germain)
• Joseph Oughourlian (RC Lens)
• Jean-Pierre Caillot (Stade de Reims)
• Pablo Longoria (Olympique de Marseille, since 06/12/2022)
• Loïc Féry (FC Lorient)
• Waldemar Kita (FC Nantes)
• Dmitry Rybolovlev (AS Monaco FC)
• Jean-Pierre Rivère (OGC Nice)

Collège de Ligue 2 (2):
• Max Marty (Grenoble Foot 38)
• Pierre-Olivier Murat (Rodez Aveyron Football)

Representative of the FFF:
• Jean-Michel Aulas

Representative of Foot Unis:
• Laurent Nicollin, president
Bernard Joannin, vice president

Representatives of the UNFP players' union (2):
• Sylvain Kastendeuch
• Philippe Piat

Representatives of the managers (2):
• Raymond Domenech
• Pierre Repellini

Independent members (5):
• Alain Guerrini
• Vincent Labrune
• Gervais Martel
• François Morinière
• Karl Olive

Representative of the referees:
• Olivier Lamarre

Administrative representative:
• Pierre Wantiez

Medical representative:

• Éric Rolland

Ex officio members (advisory non-voting role):
Noël Le Graët (president of the FFF)
• Arnaud Rouger (named CEO of the LFP on 17/09/2020, replacing Didier Quillot, who had been CEO since 15/03/2016)
• Marie-Hélène Patry (Foot Unis)

Composition of the Bureau of the Ligue de Football Professionnel:

Vincent Labrune

Nasser Al-Khelaïfi
Jacques-Henri Eyraud
Loïc Féry
Waldemar Kita
Philippe Piat
Pierre Repellini

Alain Guerrini

Deputy Treasurer:
Olivier Lamarre

Deputy Secretary General:
Karl Olive

Jean-Pierre Caillot
Laurent Nicollin
Jean-Pierre Rivère

President of the FFF:
Noël Le Graët

CEO of the LFP:
Arnaud Rouger

Category: Leagues & Federations

Headquarters address

6, rue Léo-Delibes
75116 Paris France

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